Shiraz International Dermatology Summit2016

The Molecular Dermatology Research Center of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) in cooperation with the Department of Dermatology at SUMS is planning to hold the first Shiraz International Dermatology Summit from February 24-26,2016. This event will be an opportunity for esteemed professors,specialists,and researchers to present their research and share their experience in different areas of dermatology.  Hopefully,this forum can contribute to a better future for the prevention,diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic diseases.
We welcome all participants to actively contribute to this scientific event and we look forward to welcoming you in Shiraz,the cultural capital of Iran.

- Skin imaging
- Teledermatology
- Disorders of keratinization
- Pigmentary disorders
- Pediatric dermatology
- Dermato-oncology
- Cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology
- Dermatoimmunology and dermatopathology
- Skin infectious diseases
- Acne and Rosacea
- Complementary medicine in dermatology

  International Guest Speakers
National Library and Archives of Iran (Fars Branch),Hafez Street,Next to Jahan Nama Garden,Shiraz,Iran.


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